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I love working with sensitives and empaths. Overcoming my own personal struggles as an HSP and multi-sensory intuitive, I help you understand your natural intuitive abilities. Read more →

I support women in rediscovering their purpose, pleasure, creativity, strength and ease.
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Sometimes it helps to have the reflection of another to clarify our journey regarding relationships, career, or any life circumstance. Read more →

As a licensed and nationally certified speech language pathologist, I help children and adults in a wide range of areas. Read more →

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As an author and expert in understanding the struggles of sensitives (children, adolescents and adults), empaths, adoptees and women...

Stacie is available to speak to groups on the following topics:


• Your sensitivity is your strength 

• Understanding sensitivity in today's children 

• Sensitives in relationships


• How to communicate your inner goddess

• Feminine leadership

• The power of receptivity


• Harnessing emotional wellbeing with essential oils

• Mindfulness for children

• A chocolate mediation experience