Embodiment and Divine Healing with Devi Rose

Embodiment and Divine Healing with Devi Rose

Devi Rose is an intuitive embodiment expert, tantric songstress, divine alchemist and multidimensional mama. She and I discuss the power of deep healing for women and why this work so important for women today. In this episode we discuss:

- Women’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing

- Intuition

- Ayurveda

- The moon

- Multidimensionality

- Crystals and much more

Discover Devi Rose at www.shantiembodied.com.

Are You Intuitive?

Are You Intuitive?

In my interview with April Azzolino, spiritual intuitive and hypnotherapist, we discuss:

-April’s journey to becoming a spiritual intuitive and hypnotherapist

-How to discover your intuitive strengths

-How to develop your intuition and why it’s important

-How to understand and build upon your stronger intuitive sense (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance) to feel more connected, safe, internally guided and alive

-Discovering the truth of who you really are through a deeper understanding and awareness

-How to prioritize and take time for yourself (daily rituals for relaxation and self-care to enhance your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing)

-Schedule an intuitive or hypnotherapy appointment at www.aprilazzolino.com

Deeper Listening in Modern Medicine

Deeper Listening in Modern Medicine

Episode 6:  Deeper Listening in Modern Medicine

Melissa McElroy is a certified nurse practitioner who specializes in helping veterans with sleep and pulmonary disorders.  She is near completion of a Ph.D. in nursing with a focus on biomarkers in stroke.  Melissa discusses how deep listening impacts her clinical practice and how being a highly sensitive person brings a level of intuitive awareness, presence and connection into her work with patients.  We discuss:

·     How being highly sensitive enhances her clinical practice

·     Bringing vulnerability incrementally into the patient visits 

·     Engaging in each patient so that he/she can feel fully heard and acknowledged

·     How awareness of nonverbal communication and physical positioning make a big impact in deep listening with patients

·     How family members impact patient visits

·     How to create sleep rituals of your own 

·     How to use word finding to unlock hidden emotions

Sweet Surrender with Amy Boyer

Sweet Surrender with Amy Boyer

Interview with Amy Boyer, conscious jewelry designer and blogger

 Amy is a highly creative jewelry designer who designs one of a kind pieces through the process of electroforming using metals with natural objects such as feathers and crystals. Amy discusses how to be in the space of unlearning the causes of human suffering in the journey toward love. She uses her creative work to help her process life’s challenges and joys.  How do you decide to trust among the complexities and journey in life?  How can you be with yourself as you go through processing triggers, uncertainty and fear?  How can you relax more and know all is well, no matter what is going on in the outside world?  We also discuss alcoholism and the path to sobriety.

Check out her blog:  http://unlearningtolove.comand her beautiful jewelry: https://shopamykae.com


Envisioning the Future of Education

Envisioning the Future of Education

Clinical Professor at CU Denver, Laura Summers and mother of two, Lori McMurphy, discuss their experience with public education from various angles and what education could look like from a more heart centered conscious approach. Asking the deeper questions and holding the higher vision for what is possible in education creates an inspiring and exciting conversation with these two amazing women.

How to Listen Deeply

How to Listen Deeply

The Deep Listening Method (podcast) - June 10, 2019. In our inaugural episode, Stacie shares the 8 techniques to listen with P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E. for more intimacy and connection in relationships and with yourself. Deep listening can help reduce overwhelm, improve communication skills, enhance intuition and develop present moment awareness.