Prana: 4 Considerations for Your Diet & Health

As a highly sensitive person, it is important to keep your physical body as clean, balanced and in a state of positivity as much as you can. Prana is a word that comes from India.  It means "life force energy." in English.  It is equivalent to chi in Chinese medicine.  English doesn’t have a word for this and it is not valued as of yet in Western Culture.

Prana is an important word to remember when it comes to the choices we make in our food.   Here are 4 reasons why:

1.  Prana is nature.  The closer your food is to nature, the more closely connected it is to your natural body's state and therefore, the healthier it is.  

2.  Prana gives you more bang for your buck.  The more vibrant the colors in your fruits and vegetables are, the more dense the nutritional value your body is getting.

3.  Prana helps your body heal naturally.  Your body is a natural healer.  The more you give your body an extra boost of support by feeding it what it needs, you increase your immune response and healing capabilities are.

4.  Prana equals energy.  The denser the prana, the higher the vibration.  Nature has a vibrational frequency, as does your body.  Aligning your body with greater prana gives it what it needs to heal.