Deeper Listening in Modern Medicine

Podcast 5:  Deeper Listening in Modern Medicine

Melissa McElroy is a certified nurse practitioner who specializes in helping veterans with sleep and pulmonary disorders.  She is near completion of a Ph.D. in nursing with a focus on biomarkers in stroke.  Melissa discusses how deep listening impacts her clinical practice and how being a highly sensitive person brings a level of intuitive awareness, presence and connection into her work with patients.  We discuss:

·     How being highly sensitive enhances her clinical practice

·     Bringing vulnerability incrementally into the patient visits 

·     Engaging in each patient so that he/she can feel fully heard and acknowledged

·     How awareness of nonverbal communication and physical positioning make a big impact in deep listening with patients

·     How family members impact patient visits

·     How to create sleep rituals of your own 

·     How to use word finding to unlock hidden emotions